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Related article: Adventures on a Bicycle A series of meeting black men while riding a bicycle by European Traveler Ride OneSince my work load at the office had decreased a great deal I decided to go for a long early morning bike ride and arrive a little late for work. My route took me through a park Lolita Teen and at 5:00 in the morning I didn't expect to see anyone out. Well as luck would have it, there were a couple of other bicyclist coming from the opposite direction. One was a very handsome tall black dude wearing a very bright spandex biking suit and obvious he was not wearing any supports. The other fellow, who was white, looked like he just came off of a construction sight, wearing levi shorts. As they rode by me, they both stared with nice smiles on their faces. I continued riding by them and as they got past me, I turn around to look at them again. They also had turned around, and they still had that pleasant smile. I gave a little whistle, and kept riding. I just hoped that they didn't hear me whistle. In a couple of minutes I heard a whistle behind me and I turn around, it was that handsome black dude. He asked if I was in a hurry and I said: "No, why?" Then I saw the other cyclist come up right behind him and he sure looked hot. His shorts seemed to have got a little larger in the front. It looked like he had a bulging rod that was waiting to get out. They asked if I would like to go with them Lolita Teen for a little ride. With a feeling in my shorts that said yes, I said: "Yeah!". We rode for a little while when one of them said that he was tired and wanted to rest for awhile. We pulled over and moved the bikes off the bike path and out of sight from any early morning joggers. The black fellow had a sheet in his bike bag, I knew then they probably did this quite often. He laid it down on the grass and I sat down between them. Lolita Teen The white construction worker on my right and the black on my left. The white man was playing with himself and his cock was straining to get out. I looked over to the black dude and his pants looked like they would bust. The black stud leaned over to me, laid me down, crawled on top and kissed real hard. I could feel his hot cock throbbing through his spandex and told him he would be much more comfortable with them off. He stood up and I slowly pulled his shorts down and his black 8 inch rod stood straight out at me. He laid back down with our cocks pressed hard between us. As we were kissing and I was playing with his ass, the white stud stripped off his shorts and he also started playing with the black dudes ass.That black ass was hot and enjoying the attention our four hands were giving it. A few moments went by and the white cyclist pulled some lube out of his bag and applied it to his throbbing cock and put some in that hot black ass. He climbed on and started to fuck. This was really getting me hot and I moved around enough for the blackman on top of me to get his cock between my legs. I tried to spread my legs and lift them as much as possible so he could Lolita Teen get a better target with that cock of his, and at the same time reached for the lube. Finally black cyclist got up on all fours with that 9 inch white cock still in his ass. I quickly applied the lube to the black piston that I hoped would be quickly driving into my hot ass. I held my legs up while he shoved that hot 8 inches of thick black cock into my ass. He shove it hard into my ass and the three of us starting bucking hard. Every time that black stud pounded my ass he'd reared back to have his ass impelled deep with that 9 inch piston going deeper into his hot black bubble ass. We continued this hot threesome. The pounding my ass was getting was turning me on and with his cock hitting me just right it didn't take long for me to shot my load.After getting properly fucked by that black cock, he rolled off with the construction worker still buried in his ass. He moved over and layed on his belly. When the white fellow made a ball busting lunge and unloaded, I quickly replace him soon found out how hot that black ass was to get fucked. The two of us fucking him a couple more times, once with me being in between. It was a very hot morning. Looking forward to my next bike ride. Ride TwoToday, a local radio station was having a picnic in our neighbor- hood park. There was the usual live band that attacked quite a group of people. Since there were so many folks going to the picnic I thought that I would just walk over and see what was going on. The picnic tables were crowded and the vendors selling their hot-dogs, bar-b-qued chicken and drinks. I strolled around for awhile listening to the blaring music. I don't think they know anything about soft music, well I just hoped that they wouldn't be going deaf before they were 40. As I was moving through the crowd on my way back to the house, I notice a couple of men standing next to their bikes. It was obvious that the both of them had been working with weights a lot. One, quite a bit and the other probably had been working out for only a few months. One was a beautiful hunk of black man and the other looked like he just came off a construction sight. I guess it was those construction shoes he was wearing. The shoes were a little bit out of place for a bike rider, but hey, every one to their own thing. I smiled at them as I walked by and mentioned that it sure was a hot day to be standing out in the sun. One of them agreed and said: "Do you have any better suggestions." Right then, I'm sure that my cock jump it's 7 inches. I said sure and they were welcomed to come over to the patio, have a beer and sit in the cooler shade. The both of them agreed and we headed our bikes back to the house. I was just hoping that my cock wasn't showing too much excitement. The sight of those two men got me real hot, and I wanted to suck the juice out of their cocks, fuck and get fucked. When we got to the patio, I offered them a couple of beers and with the hot weather, it didn't take long to finish off a six-pack and to start on the second. In the meanwhile there was all the subtle hints and rubbing of their shorts. Although, I wanted it real bad, I pretended that I didn't notice. Neither one of them were wearing any support and Lolita Teen the black dude's cock was getting long and shoving itself down the right leg, while the construction workers levi shorts were cut short enough that the head was starting to show through. When I went to serve them another beer I accidently spilled some beer on the black dude. He said: "What are you doing, trying to cool it off?" I apologized and said I was sorry. Well he said: "Sorry isn't enough," and with a grin he continued "maybe we aught to teach you a lesson."My comment was: "Just what kind of lesson are you going to teach?" With that he grabbed me and pushed me face down on the lounge. I made a feeble attempt to break loose. But this is a dream come true. The other fellow was quick on his feet and held onto my arms, then sat on my back. I had to admit that the two of them were rather strong. The combination of those two quickly over-powered me. I had considered myself in pretty good shape, but it was a little more that I really wanted to handle. Plus, I was hoping for something more exciting than a quickie. The black dude said that what I need was to learn a little more hospitality. He came around in front of me and shove that black cock into my face and told me to suck it and because he wanted me to see what was going to butt fuck me. I made another feeble attempt to resist, but I could hardly wait for him to shove that cock down my throat, he kept it there long enough to get good and hard. The other fellow quickly suggested they trade places and got off my back. The black dude came around in back and applied some lube, he'd found next to the pool, to my ass and to his cock and slowly started to butt fuck my ass. I made another feeble attempt of not liking this rape, but it started feeling too good, too quick. I just started spreading my legs apart as far as I could, I wanted all of it. The other fellow took his shorts off and started jacking off in my face. I could tell that he was getting ready to come, so I waited. He stopped and said that he wasn't going to give me a chance to suck his cock. Meanwhile the black dude was starting to really pound that ass of mine and I was backing up to get as much of it as possible. He kept groaning how he loved to fuck ass, and I admit that I was enjoying this fuck. His fucking motions were nice and deep. Pulling out just far enough to shove it in fast and hard. He kept that motion up for about 10 minutes when his pounding became harder and faster. I knew that it wouldn't be long. With a yell, he shove deep and hard and kept it there until all of the juices flowed out. It was like a fire hose, only this hose wasn't putting out any fires. It just made my ass hot for more and my own cock was dribbling pre-cum. He slowly pulled his cock out and the other biker quick filled my butt fucked ass. He didn't waste anytime planting his stiff rod in my ass. The black dude went into the house to clean up, while the other biker kept slamming his 9 inches into my ass. In a few minutes he came out of the house and said: "turn about is far game." He told the white fucker to get off my ass. I didn't know what he meant, but he got off. My ass was begging to get more cock. Then the black dude laid belly down on the lounge. Now I must admit that there isn't a prettier sight in the world that looking at a well rounded black ass, and that ass was just primed to get fucked. I lubed up that hot hole and straddle his ass and slowly shoved my cock into a really tight ass. Tight it was, he had good muscle control. I reached around in front of him and started pinching his tits. With that he started twitching that ass and trying to milk the come out of my cock. I just smacked him one and told him to lay still. I continued pinching those beautiful tits an I could tell that he wasn't going to lay still too long. Pretty soon, he started moving that ass and trying to get as much cock into him as possible. That black ass was hot to get fuck, so I started to shove as hard as I could. The white construction worker decided that I needed some more driving power, so he climbed back onto my ass and fucked. Lolita Teen It was a great feeling to just lay on that nice ass and have another cock deep into my butt fucked hole. The construction worker was shoving hard enough for two people so I just laid there enjoying getting my ass pounded by a hot throbbing muscle. Every time he shoved, it just made my go deeper and deeper. In addition to a royal fuck to me, he was trying to fuck the black dude under me and I let him do all the work. In a few minutes we all came together, what a howl from the three of us. After resting and a few more beers, the black dude called a couple of his friends and in about an hour two more black men. Well, it was a night to remember, I can't remember the number of asses got fucked, but I know I had my legs wrapped around each one of those slender black waist more than once and fucked a lot of hot black buns. Ride ThreeThis happened during my younger days when one didn't have to be too concerned about safe sex. It was on a early morning bike ride to work. I couldn't sleep too well, so I was up plenty early and went for my usual bike ride. I have to admit that I have had some pretty good times cruising with the bike. It gives you an opportunity to cover more ground, yet to be able to look around. Well early in the morning there isn't too much to look at, but the temperature is usually great in the summer and it's very peaceful and quiet.This one morning, I made a stop at the local cruising ground and noticed that there were a couple of cars parked on the road. That usually didn't mean too much because of the apartment buildings in the area and there is always the usual over night guest from the local gay bar. Poor fellows have to get up early, get home, change and get back to work. I always feel a little sorry for them, what a way to end a nice night. The thought had already was starting to take it toll on my cock. It seems that it doesn't take too much for my cock to get hard. I thought of parking my bike, but thought better of it because of possible thief, so I wheeled it with me into the woods. It was one of those full moon morning, so a person didn't have too much trouble seeing if there was anyone around. There a men in the bushes on the receiving end of what sounded like a fantastic blow jobs by two other men on their knees. One fellow acted like he wanted to suck the whole cock into himself. He was sucking at that stiff cock like a human vacuum cleaner, trying to get a whole year supply of cum into himself. The other fellow on his knees was busy giving a tongue massage to a pair of nuts that looked like they came off a stud horse. I walked over to them, pumping on my stiffen cock, but they didn't seem the least bit interested in having another person on the scene.I Lolita Teen continued up one of the paths, where you could walk a bike, and found another couple of men playing with each other's ass and jacking off. They invited me over and the three of us continued pulling on our stiff cocks. They were primed already, so it didn't take them long to get off with groans and wonderful moans. After they shot their wads, they strolled off and left me. I decided that I didn't want to waste it by myself and continued into the woods. After walking further into the woods, I was sure that there wouldn't be anymore men around, I decided to turn around. Just then I spotted a dark shadow behind a tree, so I stayed, and started to investigate who it was. When I got there, there was this gorgeous black construction worker. He was wearing shorts that showed a very large bulging crotch. He started rubbing that monster rod and motioned me to come a little closer. I couldn't resist. When I got close enough, he reached for my cock and started rubbing until there was a big wet spot on those spandex biking shorts. He had his shirt unbuttoned and started rubbing his tits. I brushed his hands away and started playing with this light tanned orbs. As soon as I pinched one of those hot nipples, he sucked in air and let out a groan and I knew then that he was into tit action. There isn't anything more I love that playing with a man's tits and hear him groan for more. I started nipping and sucking on one and my hand was playing with the other. Meanwhile, his hands were busy with both of our cocks. By then the two of us were so hot I thought we would explode. That is when he suggested that we get more comfortable and go to his place.In a couple of minutes and only a couple blocks away, we were in his apartment. It didn't take him long to grab me and we kissed deep. His tongue went deep into my throat and I reciprocated. After a few more minutes of fondling each other, he started to pull my shorts down and got on his knees. I was too hot and made him stop. With that he said that we should get into bed. Well once I was on the bed, he ripped his shirt off and stepped out of his shorts, exposing a very beautiful body, with a perfectly sculptured ass. Since I was the first in bed, he climbed on top and rubbed our cocks between our stomachs. After some deep kissing and pressure on the cocks, the two of us figured that we couldn't hold off much longer. I looked at that monster cock and wonder if I could get that hunk of meat into my ass. I needed to get fucked real bad and this certainly was a great cock to do the fucking. I wanted that black piece of 9 inch steel shoved deep into my ass. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he figured the rest out for himself. He put some lube on his hand, and applied a lot of lube to my ass. That hole of mine was just twitching for what was to come. He said: "You sure are hot to get fuck," and I just confirmed it. It didn't take him long to position that black steel rod at the entrance of my hot hole, and he quickly plunged it in. It hurt at first, but I knew what pleasure would be following and just waited for my ass to relax. After a few moments, I had adjusted and he started driving his cock into my ass. I was being butt fucked by a hot stud. While his cock was penetrating and butt fucking my ass, I reached up and started pinching his tits, the harder I pinched the harder and deeper he drove that piece of flesh into me. I enjoyed pinching on his tits and watching the muscle on his wash- board stomach contract every time he slammed that hot coal-black steel rod into my ass. His groans were getting louder and I could tell that he was about to drop a load of cum deep into my guts. It was like a piston on a locomotive. My heels dug into his ass pulling that raging phallus into my fuck hole as deep as it would go. With a bellow of a raging bull that stud made one more plunge and I knew that he was shooting. His stomach muscle pulled up tight as me made that last Lolita Teen plunge into my waiting hot hole. He had penetrated areas that have never felt the wonderful feeling of an enraged head of a cock. After a couple of minutes it slowly soften and he pulled it out ever so gently. My cock was still hard, and somehow I had manage not to come although I was on the verge of shooting my load. I was hoping for "turn about is fair game." Quickly, he deep throated my piece and I thought I lose it in a couple of seconds. But when I started breathing in those short breaths, he stopped and said it's your turn. With that he laid on his stomach on the bed and exposed that beautiful black bubble ass to me. My tongue started to lick his inter-thighs, and that ass just rotated around until I started to finger fuck him. He'd said that he had not gotten fucked that much, so I took it slowly. After loosening that black love channel up with plenty of lube on my finger, I decided to try the real thing in there. I planted the head of my cock at the entrance and he slowly pushed backwards to swallow up my piece of white hot lead. About half-way in, he started moving around and begging to shove it in good and hard. Well who am I not give a person what he wants. I just hoped that I fucked him as good as he fucked me. My hands moved around to his chest and I grabbed his tits and started pinching again. It was obvious they were definitely part of his sex zone. With a lot of groaning and begging for more, I started slamming my cock into that hot ass as hard as I could. With one hand on his tit I moved the other hand down to the cock that just butt fucked me. It was getting hard again. I told him to get up on his knees so I could jack him off while I fucked. He obliged me and I started pounding into that hot hole just like his 9 inches pounded my ass. I thought the bed would come apart with all the pounding and moving that was going on, but in a couple of Lolita Teen minutes I couldn't contain myself anymore and I unloaded into that waiting hole while still beating on his meat. Well his cock was not about to come yet, so I pulled my cock out of that hot black ass and we laid there for a couple of minutes.He then asked me if I would mind getting fucked again. I said: "of course not, butt fuck those buns." Well he fucked me the second time and this time he took his time driving harder and harder with each stroke. He was hitting that spot that sent Lolita Teen my cock into rigid attention. With my legs up around his shoulders so he could attack me right, I started to work on my cock. What seemed like a very delicious short time was probably 10 minutes of hard beating of my cock and it came all over my chest. Then I was able to concentrate on his nipples. Pulling and pinching his brown tits sent him over the edge and with the bellowing of a stud bull he slammed that cock deeper than the first time. Damn that was good.Every time I think of that I just wonder where he is, and wish that I had taken him up on dinner that night. Damn!!. Right now I'm thinking what it would be like to get butt fucked by that 9 inch stud again. Early Morning Park/Ride Ride Four European Traveler Mornings are my favorite time of the day, especially in the summer. The weather is always warm enough for the men to wear nothing but shorts and tank tops. Since I am an early morning person, brought on from being on the farm too long during my childhood, I always enjoyed riding my bike between 3 and 5. Not your usual bike rider, but just the right hours before day break. This one particular morning as I was going for the usual ride I decided to cruise through one of my favorite parking lot. That ole parking lot had supplied some very interesting entertainment for me and thought that I would give it another try. After all, you never know who you'd meet at 3:30 in the morning. This particular morning there was only a couple of cars in the lot, but what the hell. You don't need a bus full of fairies that are just there for looking, I wanted action, and I wanted a man. Didn't care what he did in bed, but he had to look and act like a man on the street. Usually at that hour of the morning, men are looking for action and not the usual S & S (Stand and Stare) or P & P (Poise and Posture) you see in the bars. I rode closer to the cars, which were parked about 100 feet apart, and found that one cars contained a black and white couple. I cruise by both cars and since they didn't get out of their cars for me to get a good look, I just rode on down the bike path a little bit and locked up my bike. The last time I got in a car without looking was a BIG mistake. After locking up the bike I strolled down one of the paths towards the water thinking that I would spot someone. No luck, so I said nuts and headed back to the bike. I was almost to the bike when I spotted one of the couples on path, carrying a blanket, coming towards me. Well, by the looks of them I should have jumped into their car and suggested that we go directly to my place. They looked like they had just left a construction site or going to one. Both were wearing short cut-offs, dusty construction boots, with one of them having a tank top that was 2 sizes too small, showing off every rippled muscle on his stomach while the black man had a ole ripped tee-shirt with a large hole opened over one of his beautiful bronze nipples that stood out on a pair of beautiful pecs. As it was, that ole feeling in my crotch started to stir and I know that I was getting excited. They both passed me, smiled and kept walking. I turn around and watch them go off. They had gone a little ways when one of them turn and suggested that I join them. By then the pre-cum was starting to drip and I was getting a wet spot on the front of my biking shorts. The black fellow noticed it and asked me if I was having a little problem. I said: "No." But then he grabbed it he said: "Well I think you do, and we'll have to take care of it." With that we walked off the path a little bit and one of them put his arms around me and started to kiss me. What a tongue and while he was doing that the black fellow put his hands on both of our asses and started a sensual rub. Eventually he put his hands inside my shorts and started to feel the crack of my ass. I assumed that he was doing the same thing to the other fellow by the reaction and moaning I could hear. I placed my hands down between the three of us and started feeling cock. Gads, they were just the perfect size, stiff and hot. We parted a little bit so all three of us could feel each other a little better, with both of them having their cocks poking through the bottom of their shorts. I suggested that why don't we get a little more comfortable and use their blanket. I wasn't in any hurry and started feeling the nipples of that black stud, and he was enjoying the sensation every time I pinched one of those brown tits. The other fellow started to take my biking shorts off and my stiff cock jumped upwards, glad to be free of its restriction. He immediately went down on his knees and started to suck. Meanwhile, I placed my tongue on those brown tits and started to bite them, at first gently, then a little harder. The harder I bit, the more he groan and he started to whack away on his meat. The fellow on his knees made him stop long enough so he could get both cocks in his mouth. The black fellow leaned forward a bit and started to play with the ass of the fellow on the ground, that made me a little envious, but I continued playing with his brown nipples. The more I bit them the more he seem to like it. I changed position a little just so I could stroke his ass, and he loved that. Well we all changed positions and the black stud got behind the other construction worker and really started playing with his ass. I did likewise to him. I don't know where they had it, but one of them produced a tube of lube and it was quickly applied to the fellow on his knees. That black cock was ready for some action and he quickly shoved it in that white ass. What a beautiful picture of him getting porked by a wonderful 9 inch rod of hot meat. The black man started fucking that ass real good and it started to turn me on.I continued to play with his tits, when he said that there was another hole waiting to be plugged. I figured that was an invitation that I just couldn't turn down. Quickly I applied some lube to his twitching hole and then to my cock. He stopped long enough for me to get my hot cock at the entrance of that beautiful black ass. He pushed backwards and I lunged forward. His ass was milking my cock for all it was worth.Just then we heard a branch snap and of course it didn't take long for the meat to go soft. I guess the fellows, a black and white couple, in the other car had decided that since we didn't return right away they would come and investigate. They look menacing , but still hot looking. It wasn't any use to hide what we were doing, and you could tell by their shorts that they were interested in a little relief. I pulled my cock out of that ass as they approached. So when they got closer one of them said: "so you like to butt fuck that black ass, how about a good stiff black cock?" I think I surprised him by saying yes. Well with that we both got down on the blanket and he lubed up my ass. By then, I was getting hot again, just waiting. It didn't take him long to jump on that ass of mine and butt fuck with a beautiful black cock. Damn it felt good having him plow his black cock up my ass. He was hot and wanted to fuck ass; so in just a couple of minutes there was that one good hard shove and I knew he was depositing a load up there. The other fellow told him to get off because he said that he needed a hot ass to wrap around his cock. Lolita Teen Damn, my hole didn't even get time to relax before it was filled again with a raging piece of flesh. By then the first two fellows decided that they wanted to get into the act. The first black man said that as long as I was getting fucked, he'd just help drive his black cock into that white ass of the fellow that was fucking me and give him something to think about. Well, the dude fucking me yelled out but it was too late, that black stud was in his ass before he had a chance to tell him to stop. He started humping like a man with a vengeance and I could feel him driving that white cock into my ass even deeper. The black man that just got through fucking my ass decided to lay down on the blanket and started to talk dirty to me by asking me if I enjoyed getting fucked like that. Before I could answer the first white fellow who was still standing, overpowered him and had his legs in the air. I told him I enjoyed it as much as he is going to enjoy getting his black ass reamed out by the 9 inch white cock. He started to resist, but that didn't last too long. In about a minute he had his legs wrapped around that waist with his heels digging in, pulling that 9 inch cock deep into his ass. Meanwhile, the two on top of me stopped and started watching the scene next to them, but I could feel the dudes cock throb in my ass, so I started to milk the cum out of it. That was driving him crazy and he started to slowly work his cock in deeper and at the same time was working his ass on the black cock that was impelled in his ass. Well this meant the original two were on top and ended up fucking the second couple that first surprised us. Of course we weren't complaining. When the two on top of me finished, we got up and watch the remaining scene. Since the dude doing the fucking had already come a couple of times, this was going to be a long fuck for him. This gave us plenty of time of work on our cocks again. As the three of us started jacking off, we thought it would be a nice idea when they got through to roll that black dude over on his belly and we all fill his hot bubble ass with more cum. No sooner said than we heard that familiar groan and one last plunge deep into that ass. We quickly rolled him over on his stomach and the three of us just butt fucked his ass, he just kept asking for more, and we gave it to him. It was getting close to day break, so when we finished we walked back to the cars and made plans to do this again, but next time in the comfort of a king size bed, at my place. --- Ride Five My Place after the Park and Ride by European Traveler Well after that early morning bike ride the other day where I met the two black and white couples and we said we should plan a little rendezvous, it happened. A couple of days had gone by, so I give both couples a call and invited to come over saturday cocktails and what ever else might happen.Even while I was thinking about it, my cock was getting hard to have four hot men over for cocktails, knowing that after a couple of drinks there might be a repeat of the bike ride I had previously that week. Two hot black men and two white, one of them had a cock that was a good 9 inches. More than I really wanted, but I thought it would be nice to give it a try. While I was thinking about the coming weekend, my cock was starting to get a very nice feeling and my ass was in need of something to fill it right now. But I know I'd have to wait until saturday.Saturday came rather quickly and I was in preparation for them. That night the first couple, Paul the black dude and Bob, the fellow I believed came from the construction sight, arrived about 7. Never did find out what Paul did, but at this point I didn't care. They were wearing the spandex biking shorts with tank tops. Damn they were hot looking. By looking you could tell that they weren't wearing any supporter underneath. I greeted them with a hug and some deep kissing and of course started rubbing a couple of cocks before I offered them drinks. I tore myself away to get the drinks and already one of them had his beautiful cock hard and slowly moving down his leg. There sure isn't anything much hotter looking than a bulging cock slowly enlarging in those tight biking shorts. I just want to dive down on it and start sucking for all it's worth. I return with the drinks and started to make the usual small talk when the doorbell rang again. It was Mike and Jim. Mike, I find out worked for the police department, which could be kinky and Jim, the black dude said he just worked for the 'fed'. Both of them were wearing the same short cut-off levi's I saw them in when they came upon the little fuck session we were having the previous week in the woods.We all had a couple of drinks and started talking about different video we had seen and what turned us on. All five of us thought it would be a good idea to make a video tape of a real hot black and white fuck session, since there weren't that many out there for us to look at. Those we had seen were always with some skinny white little blond getting butt fucked by some black stud. Well we wanted something different. The more we drank the looser our tongue got and the harder our cocks became. The spandex were starting to show the wet spots, and the cut off levi's Lolita Teen had the cocks sticking out.I finally said, that we all should put our money where our mouth are and we should either take the video or shut up about it. So Paul said, "You get the camera and we'll do the work!" I said nuts to that, I wanted to be part of the action, we'd switch being the camera man. Well, that got the action going. I hurried up and got out the camera and headed for the bedroom, with the others following behind me. I put the camera on a tripod and used the wide angle and told them to start taking off their clothes. Well they had other ideas. Jim grabbed the camera out of my hands and the other three grabbed me and started to rip off my clothes. Damn this was going to be a good night. My cock was starting to get hard and Paul immediate starting sucking on my cock. I ran my hands through his beautiful black hair, but I wasn't allowed to stand very long. Bob, moved in and started playing with my ass and I could tell that he was hot for immediate action. When I felt the lube being applied to my twitching hole, I knew that I wouldn't be long before his finger was going to be replaced with a good stiff throbbing cock. Paul got up and started kissing me deep and pulled me back onto the bed on top of him. Damn laying on a hot black man really turns me on, but I wasn't laying by myself very long. The next thing, Bob had his throbbing cock right at the entrance of my ass and started to shove. I backed up to take it in a quickly as I could. I needed to be fucked and bad. Plus I needed to fuck a good ass at the same time. Well Paul had the same idea, immediately he tried to get his legs around my shoulders. It wasn't easy, but Bob let up long enough for Paul to get his ass really exposed. I quickly applied some lube to the waiting hot black ass and pushed my cock into it. I didn't want to wait for the Lolita Teen preliminaries. Kissing him deeply, I started to fuck, every time I backup, my ass was being pierced by Bob's cock and he would help me shove forward to get my cock deeper into Paul's ass. Meanwhile Jim was still operating the camera and Mike was on the floor trying to give him a blow job. I was beginning to wonder what the quality of the picture was going to be. Jim finally made Mike stop long enough for him to put the camera on a tripod and set it's angle to cover the whole bed. He said that he wanted all of us in the picture and really didn't care what angle it was as long as he got those good ass shots. Ass that was being exposed and getting fucked. Shit, that always gets my cock hard to watch a ass moving up and down
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